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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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great to have you joining us on this early monday morning at 5:00. traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is here. i heard about fog. >> very thick fog in some locations especially around metro area and southbound and towards the blue ridge and in southern maryland. let's go to the traffic. dense fog advisory. counties stated in a gray, including montgomery, loudoun county, prince george's and southward until 11:00 a.m. it takes a while, it takes several hours for that to burn off. in winchester, 0 miles visibility. around 1 mile in the winchester area. 0.8 miles in gaithersburg. we are in the the 40's right now and all the way to the mid-
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60s and partly cloudy this afternoon. normal travel times on 95 between richmond and baltimore, 66, running in your favor. 270, this is southbound at 109. no delays from frederick. other side of town is pretty good. robert 4, route 5, use the low beams to default. -- route 4 and route 5. yellow arrows indicate the direction of the rest of our on 66 and 95. metrorail is starting on normal service. security versus privacy, but debate over enhanced screening methods at airports is boiling
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over. >> after an outdoor, the tsa might be backing down local. natasha barrett is at reagan national with more. >> good morning. it might be a sign that the tsa is backing down. yesterday the tsa administrator made a statement saying that the screening procedures will be done as conditions warrant. new security scans and pat- downs are getting a lot of reaction. frustrated passengers. >> the tsa is out of control. >> the tsa tried to convince passengers the methods are necessary. added airport security procedures will be adapted as conditions warrant. >> you have the option to request that the pat-downs be requested in a private room and that'd be witnessed by a person of your choice. >> there are body scanner across
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the country but only 2100 border security agents. that means there are not with as many agents available to do a pat-downs. >> i feel greater security with the scanners. >> there is an internet movement urging passengers to opt out of body scans this week to appoint to the tsa and to slow down security. >> most travelers just want to get to their destination as fast as possible. >> with more than 1 million americans traveling this thanksgiving week, get to the airport with 90 minutes to spare, according to experts. lives at reagan national airport, abc 7 news. is al qaeda's yemen branch
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promising more plots similar to an attempt to bring down two cargo planes last month. the group says that it is part of a shift from spectacular attacks to smaller attacks designed to hit the u.s. economy and its cheap and easy. a warning to drivers in laurel. speed cameras are running. they will be placed near a school zones and neighborhoods with posted speeds of 35 miles or less. warnings will be issued during the first month. violators face a fine after >. a man accused of killing a co- worker and dumping his body in a cardboard box is in custody. marvin palencia was arrested in hyattsville on saturday, accused of shooting jacobo vasquez at a northwest d.c. building and dumping his body along interstate 70 in frederick. the victim's roommates says
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marvin palencia threatened jacobo vasquez of iran affair with his wife. there was a deadly crash in silver spring. they were following a van driven by a man who had just had a fight with his girlfriend and the so-called off with their child. as police attempted to pull him over, he crashed into an suv with four people inside and what of the passengers died. >> he killed somebody and injured his own child. >> the victim's girlfriend was injured as well. his two adult children were injured as well. another man and his daughter were injured as well. two men attacked a couple in logan circle in d.c. an au pair and her boyfriend were beaten and robbed in an alley behind 13th street. they were walking from a
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restaurant when three men in ski masks attacked them. police have encouraging leads. still no verdict in the chandra levy murder trial. today the jury begins a fourth day of deliberations. courtney robinson has been following the case. she is live outside superior court with what is next. >> good morning. entering week two of jury deliberations. it is difficult to know exactly what the 12 are thinking. very little interaction between the jury and the foreman. there was a question from the jury to the judge friday, which had many people watching. the question relates to howell assault plays into kidnapping, the underlying reasons for one of the first-degree murder charges. ingmar guandique is accused of killing chandra levy.
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the judge will instruct the jury again and begin deliberations once again. the question came in the middle of friday. jury had hoping vacavithe reached a verdict. we will be here all day long with several crews following this, awaiting the verdict. if convicted, ingmar guandique faces life in prison without parole. live in northwest, courtney robinson, abc 7 news. 48 degrees outside. >> still ahead, beeper fever takes over the american music awards -- justin bieber fever. >> the redskins had a tough and victory. >> looking ahead to a holiday for test. it is the monday before thanksgiving. you are watching "good morning washington." you can
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5:10 on this monday morning. it is faoggy. 50 degrees at reagan national, 47 in dallas, 48 in gaithersburg, 51 in lexington
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park. it's 36 in cumberland, 37 in martinsburg. there is a dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. it takes awhile for the sunshine to burn that office. -- off. high temperatures in the mid- 60s. smiled again tomorrow in the mid-60s. the cold front will most in. there's a 40% chance of rain tomorrow. cooler by wednesday. now to lisa baden. there's a crash in waldorf on st. charles parkway coming north and east towards route 5. post office road would save you some time.
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nothing on five, 301. in good shape on 4. looks fine from andrews air force base. on the suitland parkway inbound on naylor road, a taxicab is facing the wrong direction with the right lane closed. clear as a belt out of frederick on 270 -- clear as a bell. it's foggy. >> a new daily newspaper in development for apple users only on ipad. development for apple users only on ipad. >> the latest rescue efforts at
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thanksgiving travel season nears, so is the uproar over security screenings. tsa is working to convince passengers that the nec conditions are warranted. ingmar guandique is accused of killing a federal intern chandra levy in 2001. on friday the jury sent a question to the judge asking for a definition of assault. 29 gold miners missing since last friday in new zealand may not have survived the blast. gases are keeping rescuers from searching for them. they plan to use a robot to find out more. this holiday season, mastercard said shoppers spent a little more during the first weeks of november. it was most likely because of
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the discounts and free shipping. spending on clothing, boots, and rose fromitems last year. i sat next to sarah palin once and thought she was beautiful. i hope she stays in alaska. >> mrs. bush made the comments during an interview with larry king. she and her husband george h. w. complemented their son on his memoir. the full interview is this evening. the benefits of owning an ipad, vinita nair has this story and more. >> a newspaper for the ipad.
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news corp. is reportedly developing a newspaper designed specifically for the tablet. it would be mostly original content, published every morning. if it would have a small weekly feature and is scheduled to begin publishing early next year. google allows people to make and use calls from their computer and now you are able to record the calls. it only works with inbound calls. amazon is letting customers kindle books as gifts. there are more than 725,000 books for the amazon kindle. i am vinita nair. it is the season for giving. thousands of families across the region needs all the help they can get. if demand for food is at record
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levels, but supplies are not. brianne carter is live in washington with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. lots of us will be preparing for the upcoming thanksgiving meals. many local nonprofits are still trying to find out how to provide for the families in need this holiday season. according to reports, the chief executive at the capital area food bank, the main supplier for more than 700 nonprofits, as is this year is the most difficult, saying that the need is on the rise. the food bank will distribute 30 million pounds of food. that is up from 27 million last year. in the washington region, the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. many in d.c. are still without a job. more than 9% of people are unemployed, 20% live below the poverty line.
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thousands lined up to the essentials last week at an event. the capital area food bank will distribute 30 million pounds of food. all across the region that need is on the rise and they are in need of your help and are hoping to get the supplies and essential they will need to get that to everyone in the community. abc 7 news. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey is here. it's 48 degrees foggy. >> you need the windshield wiper especially in the neighborhoods. it is very thick fog. >> you can feel it when you walk out the door. >> let's look at temperatures. dense fog advisory. yesterday it was 58 for the high
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temperature. that's mild. that's above average. the record high today is 77, set in 2007. i will say this again, we will not be near that anytime soon. there's a cooling trend in the extended forecast. it's 50 degrees at reagan national. the average low temperature is 38 degrees. 38 is the average local. -- low. instead we are in the upper 40's to nearly 50. visibility is under a mile in many locations. gaithersburg and winchester especially. there is a dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. lows usually expire by 9:00. with such thick fog and a low sun angle, it takes awhile to burn off.
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we will have sunshine by this afternoon. there's a cold front out west that will push in our direction by the latter a half of tomorrow. mid 60's today with sunshine. 40% chance of showers late tomorrow. by wednesday, 50s. areas of rain expected on thanksgiving and lasting into friday morning. nothing lingering as far as the beltway. all of the late-night construction is gone close to 66. the lanes are open on 95 and 395. there was a minor crash eastbound, but that will be opened shortly. you can on the suitland parkway, there's a broken-down car near naylor road. it's 48 degrees. >> was the victory worth it.
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the victory was against the titans, but the redskins suffered some setbacks along the way. >> today on "oprah," one more deserving audience and one more magical hour, oprah's favorite things, on abc 7 at 4:00.
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michael vick led the eagles to a comeback victory last night against the new york giants. he ran a 258 yards and scored one rusting touchdown. 27-17. the redskins managed to redeem themselves with an overtime win against the tennessee titans. >> its a good. redskins win. putraham gano's field goal them over. several players were injured including clinton portis. >> we needed to win today. we've been working hard to do that. >> it was a tough week. i knew that they would play extremely hard. still able to win. >> the redskins are 5 and 5.
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they take on the vikings at fedex field next. at homestead, florida, final lap, karl edwards pursuit of victory, but all eyes or on no. 48, jimmy johnson, who came in second, but he earned enough points to and the sprint cup. the news continues at 5:31. >> some of the big winners and the show stopping moment from the american music awards. >> natasha barrett at reagan national airport. could there be a sign the tsa might be backing down on its bscreening procedures? that story's coming up. >> it is a foggy morning. that story's coming up. >> it is a foggy morning.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i think the tsa is out of control. >> i'm not looking forward to being patted down. >> security versus privacy, the conflicting stories about the controversial pat-downs antibody scans. good morning, washington. it's monday, november 22, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. much more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather. it's a faulty forecast -- foggy forecast. >> we do have thick fog. there is a dense fog advisory
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until 11:00 a.m. that usually only lasts until 9:00, but this will incur a around -- will linger around longer than usual. the areas stayed in gray have that adviser until 11. it is mild. upper 30's to near 50. it would normally be 10 degrees cooler. visibility is at a quarter mile or less, until 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. partly cloudy today. smiled again tomorrow, but increasing clouds lead to a few showers late in the day tomorrow. it is necessary to be careful this morning. as far as 95 and 66, just growing volume. no issues on 395.
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we get a glimmer of traffic in springfield. plenty of clear traffic, working now's the out of frederick into montgomery county. the pace of traffic is growing. back to you. >> thank you. our top story is privacy vs. security during the controversial screenings. >> security officials say they are necessary. the natasha barrett data storage. a very busy travel week ed. >> very busy. -- a very busy travel weeks ahead. >> what should happen and what should not. the tsa administrator late yesterday said that with all the controversy surrounding the screenings that the screening procedures will go on, but
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obliquely as warranted. some feel the pat-downs rt 00 personal. the tsa worked during the weekend to convince passengers that it's necessary. the tsa yesterday said a screening procedures would be adapted as conditions warrant. right now there are 385 full body scanners but only 2100 security lanes. but many security lanes will not have them. the pat-downs only happen if a person declines the body scan. there is an internet movement urging passengers to opt out of body scans to slow security and to approval point to the tsa. all lot of people say they just want to get to their destination on time and they will do what needs to be done. experts say that with more than 1 million americans planning on traveling thanksgiving wednesday
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and thursday, you should get to the airport with 90 minutes to spare. live from reagan national airport, natasha barrett, abc 7 news. it will cost more if your travel plans involve driving. if gas prices have shot up 8 cents this month. 24 cents higher than a year ago. unleaded is $2.88 a gallon. in the metro area, $2.99 a gallon> and morning to drivers in laurel, mobile speed cameras are up and running. they will be placed near a school zones and neighborhoods with posted speeds of 35 miles an hour or less. they will capture driver is going 12 miles over the posted speed. warnings will be issued. after that first month there is a $40 fine. a man has been arrested and starts with the stabbing of an off-duty prince george's county
5:34 am
police officer. this happened early saturday morning outside sabor latino restaurant in adelphi. they were trying torres milton salvador -- there were trying to arrest milton salvador and he pulled out a nice -- knife. an au pair and her boyfriend were attacked by three men in ski masks when they walking home from a restaurant. >> they need them savagely, put the guns to their heads, beat them with guns, takes them -- kicked them. >> we want to make sure somebody gets justice. >> they met to talk about police
5:35 am
preventing attacks. osborn high school, there was a stabbing. 15-year-old miguel hernandez was stabbed to death walking from school. an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old war rested. it is linked to a stabbing at the grant avenue shopping center in manassas on saturday. a 19-year-old man was hurt in that. still waiting for a verdict in this chandra levy murder trial. so far, the jury has been deliberating four days. >> courtney robinson joins us with what to expect this monday. good morning >> . good morning. that's right four days, many hours of deliberations. the jury today will head back to d.c. superior to continue deliberations and to receive new instructions from the judge.
5:36 am
this comes after the jury sent a letter to the judge asking him to clarify the definition of assault in relation to kidnapping, the underlying reason for one of the first- degree murder charges. in north guandique, the man accused of killing chandra levy. that question came down mid friday. that had many reeling, feeling that the jury had reached a decision, but that did not happen. day four will get underway today. there's no way to tell what's happening exactly in that jury realm -- room or whether the 12 will reach conclusions today. if convicted, ingmar guandique faces life in prison without parole. live at d.c. superior court, courtney robinson. 5:36 on this early monday
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morning, 48 degrees. >> still ahead, music's biggest stars in a red carpet for the american music awards. the teenage sensation won. >> highlights and reaction from football. >> another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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and with the volunteer fairfax staff. as we head into the holidays, it is important to give back. visit us online at volunteer >> good morning, washington. >> it is a foggy morning. give yourself extra time. the metro area and points south are included in the dense fog advisory if until 11:00 a.m. this will last a while. all the way through the morning. by midday and after lunch, we will see some sunshine. visibilities under a mile in many locations from winchester to culpeper and manassas. 1.5 in gaithersburg. half mile visibility in manassas. that's true 10:00 or 11.
5:41 am
sunshine, mid 60's. we are near 50 degrees for an unseasonable starts. increasing clouds tomorrow, the , mid to upper 60's tomorrow, another mile day. a lot of sunshine on wednesday, cooler. some rain possibly late on thanksgiving and lingering into friday. moving around the beltway, traffic on the interstates looks pretty decent. getting a quick glimpse, traffic in virginia, moving at speed at edsall road near the pentagon. the next geico camera reveals, no problems in maryland along the beltway at 270. back to you. >> thank you. 48 degrees.
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5:41. big finale, the unlikely trio. we will talk about that. >> a win is a win. >> redskins fans have a reason to celebrate even though it was a close call. >> the latest
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coming up tonight at 5 o'clock, what you should expect this winter after last year's snowfall. if specific predictions. join me for the winter outlook tonight at 5 o'clock. 5:45 on this monday morning. the uproar over the passenger screening procedures at the nation's airports is growing louder. the transportation security
5:46 am
administration says the measures are necessary. agency says it will work to make them as minimally invasive as possible. today is the fourth day of jury deliberations in the case of ingmar guandique. there's been a note from the jury to the judge asking for a legal definition of assault. north korea has built a highly sophisticated uranium enrichment facility that could be used to make nuclear weapons. the u.s. special envoy to north korea says it is provocative and is disappointing, but that it's not a surprise. it was not the prettiest, but redskins fans are celebrating a victory this morning. the redskins beat the tennessee titans in overtime sunday. it was important for a team that had a lot to prove to the fans
5:47 am
and to itself. >> the redskins fans were watching to see if their team had any heart left after last week's embarrassing loss to philadelphia. >> they needed to win this thing. they needed to come out stronger. >> they bounced back and gave their fans hoped that the season could be saved. >> a win is a win, >> this game was a nail biter. it went back and forth. three seconds left and the score tied. all the redskins had to do was make a 47-yard field goal. graham gano had a chance to redeem himself in overtime. he hit the field goal for the victory. >> this looked like winnable and
5:48 am
they pulled it off. it's nice to see them fight to the end especially injuries. >> abc 7 news. around the region, liquor sales are allowed on sundays in montgomery county now. they hope this will bring extra revenue during tough economic times. the pilot program will be tested at least six months. beer and wine store owners are not happy because it would reduce their profits. the washington are to visit will mark his elevation to cardinal by celebrating a special mass at the vatican. today's mass will be for pilgrims accompanying him to rome. it will be held and st. peter's basilica. 5:48.
5:49 am
48 degrees on this early monday morning. thick fog. >> dense allco. give yourself extra time for that. -- dense fog. it is unseasonably warm. near 50 degrees. 50 at reagan national, 48 in gaithersburg. it's cooler to the west of the blue ridge. that is where we saw some clearing. temperatures dropped even further. it's 37 in martinsburg, 36 in cumberland. there is a dense fog advisory for the metro area until 11:00 a.m. keeps the fog around
5:50 am
the locker. partiallycold front causing rain showers. we will see that cold front slowly drop into our region by tomorrow afternoon and evening. the forecast shows a line of bright rain stretching northeast to southwest -- light rain. that's tomorrow, around sunset. the cold front will cause areas of light rain. in terms of the aerial coverage, 40%-50% of the viewing rains hourscre tomorrow. there's a big high-pressure system selling in for wednesday. it will be a little breezy, but good for traveling in most of the area. most of the east coast and northeast, for that matter. highs in the mid 60's.
5:51 am
60s again tomorrow. clearing by wednesday, the 50's. a few showers on thanksgiving and on friday. this tubing parkway at naylor road looks good. at the george washington parkway northbound ramping to 495 to the american legion bridge, a vehicle went into a ditch. i have a press release from the u.s. park police. accessing rockge creek parkway, the calvert street access southbound has limited access. the avenue remains closed. that is not changed. in pretty good shape as far as traffic on 270. nothing in maryland on 95. big american music awards last night. there was a big winner last
5:52 am
night. take a look. >> justin bieber a. >> that's right. the teenage singing sensation won four awards including breakthrough artists and artists of the year. his mentor usher won favorite male soule r&d and d--. brad paisley and lady gaga and taylor swift won awards as well. eminem did as well. >> us your was justin bieber's mentor. >> i have a 14-year-old sister who started a justin bieber fan club at her school. 00 usher was justin bieber' mentor.
5:53 am
>> the executive producer of the stars says that the show's security system is checking on votes. a blogger said that he orchestrated e-mails shenanigans to keep bristol palin in the competition. there is still controversy brewing. cast your votes for them tonight. >> someone is admitting that they orchestrated illegal votes? >> i guess so. >> with the internet, you'll think you have already heard about a big push. >> a lot of people will be watching. it will be interesting. >> so much energy is spent on cheating. if only we used our power is for good and not evil, it would be a better world. good and not evil, it would be a better world. >> 5:53
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welcome back. tore's a new effort underway help tigris from being on the verge of extinction. >> it is being led by vladimir putin of russia.
5:57 am
the goal is to get the 13 countries where the tigris live to double the animal population in the next 12 years. never before have there been so few of them in the wild. >> this is primarily due to coaching, the direct killing of them, the killing of their prey, and the destruction of their habitat. >> for the last century, there is an habitat has decreased by more than 95%. that's due to deforestation and urbanization. less drastic measures could cause them to completely disappear from the wild. they are beautiful. there's a lot more to come in the second hour. >> a former first lady has some advice for sarah palin. what barbara bush wants to tell the possible presidential candidate. >> good morning. day four of jury deliberations
5:58 am
in the chandra levy murder trial. where the jurors stand, courtney robinson live
5:59 am
coming up, the tsa shakedown. up close and personal pat-downs and the fight over privacy. we will have the latest.


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